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Strengthening the management
of your company

Access the number 1 performance management tool in Brazil

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Accerate your growth and measure your results

Align the goals and objectives among
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Motivate your staff

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Successful system of performance management

  • Connectable
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Track anywhere
at any time!

Stay connected and see performance results of your team and organization in real time.

Notice the risks in goals before they happen.

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Customers talking about 2trues

Client Leão

The system implemented by 2trues, is not only a management tool, but a great ally in strengthening the Human and Organizational Development processes.

Simple and friendly, it is inviting to use for employee engagement, and the database is an excellent ally for the management of people.

Monica Batsleer - Manager

Client Gol

For us it is an honor to work with you. The partnership was essential to bringing our employees a tool to guarantee simplicity with intelligence, which had a very good acceptance.

We are already bearing fruit with a growing participation of the entire leadership, ensuring an increasingly effective management of goals.

Maria Lourdes de Ramos - Manager