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Internship Program 2trues

The 2trues Internship Program is designed for students and lasts two years. Throughout this period the trainee will participate actively in the activities and challenges of the area and will undergo a development program that includes technical and operational training. We want you to develop as a professional and as a person, to be able to contribute to current and future goals of the organization, and start on the path of a winning career!

The atmosphere at 2trues is great. Every day the staff is in good spirits and passionate about the amazing things we do! It is a privilege to be apart of and to learn from this team!
- Iara Nascimento

Trainne Program 2trues

The Trainee Program of 2trues is looking for talented entrepreneurs with creative and analytical thinking skills, seeking challenges, and professional development. We aim to form committed and engaged leaders who will eventually occupy permanent positions within the organization.

In 2trues I've found an environment that combines the development of professional and personal life, I enjoy what I do here. It is rewarding to help companies to develop and take care of their most important value: human capital.
- Fernanda Lika