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Privacy Policy

We at 2trues are committed to protecting your privacy. The purpose of this document is to clarify what information is collected from users of our websites and - and their services - and how this data is handled and used. If you disagree with the content of this policy it is not recommended to download our materials or use any of our services.

About Data Collection

On our websites, information is collected in the following ways:

Information provided by you - We collect personal identifiable information such as name, phone, email, company where you work and position, via filling out the forms to download our free content. Eventually, 2trues can use this to contact users who have provided information.

Navigation information on the website - When you visit our site, we insert a cookie in your browser through Google Analytics software to identify how many times you return to our address. These are collected anonymously and include information such as IP address, geographic location, referral source, browser type, length of visit and pages visited.

Contact History - 2trues stores information about all contacts already made with our users, such as downloaded content from our pages and interactions via email.

About Use of your Personal Information

The present term allows 2trues to use your personal information for different purposes.

The e-mail is used to send the material or information requested by you when you complete the contact us form. This can also be used for sending newsletters, which are always related to the topic of Performance Management.

Finally, the e-mail will also be used to communicate the launch of new free materials or new services of 2trues and our partners. However, the user can unsubscribe at any time.

Downloaded data may be disclosed for research and statistics, but not for openly revealing any personal information, unless explicitly authorized.

2trues employees could possibly get in touch via e-mail or phone to do research or to provide services.

Your personal information will be shared with our partners only when the partnership is explicitly stated on the page in which the form to receive educational content is.

About Access to Personal Information

Only 2trues employees can see your personal information. If your information is needed by partners, explicitly identified partners will also have access to information. No personal information may be disclosed publicly.

2trues also compromises itself not to sell, rent or pass on your information to third parties. The only exception is in cases when this information is required in court.

In addition, although we work with good safety and security practices, any web service cannot 100% guarantee against invasions and we cannot be responsible if this happens.

About Sharing Content on Social Networks

The option of clicking on social media buttons is available on our pages, you will be accessing content on 2trues profile on the selected network. 2trues does not have access to your login and password information on these networks and, cannot publish content in users names.

About Unsubscribing and Changing / Deleting Personal Information

You can choose to stop receiving any kind of email from 2trues.

In all emails that we send there is always a link to unsubscribe available in the last lines. Clicking on this link you will be automatically unsubscribed from the list.

It is important to mention that when filling out any forms you will be subscribing your email to the list. Therefore, the cancellation request must be made again if of interest.

To change your personal information or even delete them from our database, please send an email to


Our website is duly certified by COMODO Domain Validation RSA Secure Server CA in order to ensure better security of users. All information you enter is encrypted before being transmitted.

Changes to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may go through updates. Thus, we recommend periodically visiting this page so that you are aware of any changes. Before using information for purposes other than those defined in this Privacy Policy, we will ask for your permission.

Contact 2trues for inquiries

Any questions about our privacy policy can be clarified by contacting us.

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