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How can 2trues help you?

Adapting to the ideal business model

The methododology of goal management allows alignment
between staff and the company's strategic planning, plus:
  • Move in the right direction
  • Show where you are going and how
  • Motive and inspire
  • Provide better communication and transparency
Management by Objectives
(Peter Drucker)
Management by objectives is a goals-setting process within an organization, divided into departments and individual goals, so that each employee has a clear understanding of their role and responsibility.
(George Doran)
SMART is a goal setting tool.
S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Attainable
R - Relevant
T - Time
Key Performance Indicators
Key Performances are used to measure the performance of the processes of a company through measurable Indicators.
Objectives and Key Results
(John Doerr)
OKR is a methodology for creating goals. The objectives are a qualitative description of goals, while the Key Results are measures that indicate whether the goal was reached.

Manage goals and lead

Define, monitor and evaluate your goals
in a simple, smart and effective way.

Align your business objectives and strategies with the staffs skills and values

Identify, observe and develop your team. Show how their work connects to the larger picture, and motivate them to contribute in a significantly way.

Analyze the
final assessments

See achievements by department, function or other selection of your choice. An organized way to get a quick look, extract significant reports, or compare the results.

  • Connectable
  • Adaptable
  • Innovative
  • Intuitive

Your way and your model

Our system is designed to provide the best user experience,
with intuitive, fast, elegant tools.
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Goal Management

  • Implement performance indicators
  • Access each employees data
  • Goal descriptions
  • Evaluation measures
  • Check status of the progress

Competency Management

  • Skill descriptions with indicators
  • Evaluation scores by profile
  • Report of overall results
  • Average score by department and by function
  • Company organization structure and succession map
  • Career path development plans
  • Online graphics for development committees
  • Feedback control and scheduling

9box, 12box, 16box

Adapt, create and adjust the best
management template for your business model

Track finished evaluations of
your company at different levels

Company organization structure
succession map

One page report

IDP - Individual Development Plan

Follow the feedback between
the manager and employee